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United Nations Environment Programme Emissions Gap Report 2021: “...announced pledges for 2030 have only limited impact on global emissions and the emissions gap in 2030, reducing projected 2030 emissions by only 7.5 per cent, compared with previous unconditional nationally determined contributions, whereas 30 per cent is needed to limit warming to 2°C and 5 per cent is needed for 1.5°C. If continued throughout this century, they would result in warming of 2.7°C...”

Committee Business

official Meeting Agendae and packets
can be found here
Letter to BOS: Legislative Agenda 22 Sep 2020
Funding Sources - 18 Sep 2020
B o S Resolution
Meeting DCEO - 3 May 21
Commitment Mission
Guiding Principles
Issue Areas - 10 Jan 2020
Proposal Exhibit A

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BOS Water Planning Letter
Resolution Teleconferencing
Net Metering Resolution
BOS Resolution On JDSF
ChairResponse to Andersen Letter
Anderson JDSF Letter
Coal Train Resolution
JDSF Legislative Book
DRAFT Resolution: Natural Resources
Baseline Committee Update - 8 Jul 2020
DRAFT Cannabis Ordinance Recommendation
GRI Rescue Plan
MCCAAC endorses GRI Rescue Plan
DRAFT Timber Harvest Resolution
Oak Woodlands Letter 5 June 2021
Transport Recommendations for MCOG
Jail Expansion Energy Brief ADOPTED
Kreger L H F Comments - 18 Mar 2020
OBrien Forest Protection
DRAFT Transportation Recommendations for MCOG
First Recs slides
Sher Vehicle Idling B G
Low Hanging Air Quality
First Policy Recommendations ADOPTED
Proposed Climate Emergency Resolution ADOPTED
Nickerson Baseline G H G - 9 May 2020
Hentschel Mendocino Public Bank - 9 May 2020
Preliminary Energy Audit
The Chico Green New Deal
Global Development Goals Rockefeller Lancet

Energy Working Group (2007)

Final Report - 19 Jul 2006
Heckeroth County Energy 2006
Outreach 6min Speech
Outreach Summary
Burn Piles - Jan 2019
Cover page: Final EWG Report Cover
A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
–Greek Proverb

AdHoc Subcommittee Notes

Coast AdHoc minutes – next virtual meeting TBA

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